Contractor & Personnel Card
Bullrider Card
One-time Permit
  • A permit is available for purchase and is good for one use and one event, one time.
  • Any money won riding on a permit will not count toward the year-end Finals, and points will not be awarded.


  • ALL Memberships and Permits must be purchased prior to, or at the time of entry.
  • Your entry will not be taken until your membership or permit is paid.
  • Checks and money orders must be received in the EPB office prior to entry day. If it has not been received, you can purchase your card or permit over the phone (when your check shows up it will be mailed back to you).

Event Committees, Contractors and Personnel

  • All Stock Contractors and Arena Personnel (Judges, Funny/Barrelman, Bullfighters and Photographers) working EPB events must hold a current EPB Membership Card.
  • Event Committees may purchase EPB membership cards for their event personnel.
  • A $50.00 one-time permit is available for Personnel who will be working ONLY one EPB event for the year.
  • All memberships and permits must be received in the EPB office prior to the event date.


  • Cinch Jeans
  • Alta Forest Products, LLC
  • The Shed Taxidermy Studio
  • Stockman Bank