Great Northern Bull Bash 2017

Great Northern Bull Bash - Havre, MT - March 31 & April 1 combined
Long Go 1 PlaceRiderHometownScoreMoney WonPoints
1Parker BredingEdgar, MT169$1,100.10100
2Grey FitzpatrickPolson, MT86$660.0690
3T'Jay AllenHarlem, MT85.5$220.0275
4Waylon LadueBrowning, MT85.5$220.0275
Long Go 2 PlaceRiderNULLScoreMoney WonPoints
1Parker BredingEdgar, MT174.5$748.07120
2Waylon LadueBrowning, MT88.5$572.05100
3John SmithMalta, MT87$440.0420
4T'Jay AllenHarlem, MT86.5$286.0020
5Tyrell TorenKalispell, MT84.5$154.0310
6Chase WoodWright, WY--20
7TJ LoeppkySaskatchwan--20
8Clay ApplegateDeer Lodge, MT--10
9Wylee HurstBrockway, MT--10
10Grey FitzpatrickPolson, MT--10
11Wyatt WilksSpokane, WA--10
12Matt LoomisDonnelly, ID--10
13Bridger FitzpatrickPolson, MT--10
14Vince FortinHays. MT--10
15Cleve SpangBillings, MT--10
Average PlaceRiderHometownScoreMoney WonPoints
1Parker BredingEdgar, MT343.5$850.74300
2Waylon LadueBrowning, MT174$704.06270
3T'Jay AllenHarlem, MT172$557.38240
4John SmithMalta, MT87$410.70sot
5Grey FitzpatrickPolson, MT86$264.02170
6Tyrell TorenKalispell, MT84.5$146.68sot
SOT= Short On Time
Contestants whose only scores were earned in Short round where they had been brought back on time will receive only bonus points for returning to short, however, the score does qualify toward short round and average payout. See pg 11 of 2017 rulebook


  • Cinch Jeans
  • Alta Forest Products, LLC
  • The Shed Taxidermy Studio
  • Stockman Bank